SensorSafe 4-in-1 Safety Kit Infant

Product Code: 520004321
The SensorSafe 4-in-1 Safety Kit Infant is a smart solution for keeping track of the safety and well-being of your child. Compatible with all CYBEX infant car seats.
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Product Details

Safe. Smart. Connected.

Peace of mind for you, better safety for your child. CYBEX fuses smart technology and smart design with the introduction of SensorSafe: helping you keep track of the safety and health of your child. SensorSafe provides essential alerts to help prevent critical situations: when your child unbuckles the clip, if your child is put at risk of vehicular heatstroke because of ambient temperature of ambient temperature changes or from being left alone in the car, or if your child has been seated for too long. All alerts are received via Bluetooth on your smartphone through a user friendly app that also provides guidance on installation, how-to videos, FAQs and more.