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Cloud Z i-Size

Le siège auto pour enfant Cloud Z i-Size offre une position allongée ergonomique et permet d’installer facilement l’enfant. Excellents résultats obtenus lors des essais de l’ADAC 05.2019. (* La Base Z doit être achetée séparément)
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CHF 449.00
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Compatibilité avec votre véhicule

Adapté à votre voiture compatible i-Size.


670 - 770 mm
440 mm
380 - 600 mm
4.8 kg

What is included?

Éléments inclus

  • Siège auto pour enfant Cloud Z i-Size
  • Insert nouveau-nĂ©
  • Guide utilisateur

Before purchase

How do I know if my car seat is suitable for an aircraft?

You can determine if your car seat is aircraft approved if it has the TÜV Rheinland seal with the reference “For Use in Aircraft”. Car seats with this seal are specifically tested for safety and use with a two-point harness system, as found in an aircraft. Please note, that not every airline recognizes this seal as valid, therefore it is essential to refer to your airline’s regulations to confirm whether you can use your seat, even if the seat has the seal of approval.

Will the car seat fit in my vehicle?

It is important to check whether the car seat is compatible with your vehicle before you purchase it. The car seat is approved for use in i-Size compatible vehicle seating positions as indicated by vehicle manufacturers in their vehicle user manuals. If your vehicle does not have an i-Size seating position, please check whether the installation is allowed on the typelist included with the car seat or on our homepage www.cybex-online.com.

Installation and Securing your child

When I install the car seat using the vehicle belt, my baby’s head nods forward onto his/her chest even though the seat appears to be positioned horizontally. How can I prevent this?

If your child’s head is nodding forwards while sat in the infant car seat belted with the vehicle belt, this may indicate that the infant car seat is not positioned at a horizontal level, even though the symbol on the seat seems to indicate that it is. One reason for this is that many vehicle seats have a relatively steep incline, especially in smaller vehicles. Therefore, when installing the infant car seat it is best