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Cloud Z2 i-Size

Profitez d’une flexibilitĂ© et d’un confort total toute l’annĂ©e, avec le nouveau siĂšge auto pour bĂ©bĂ© Cloud Z2 i-Size. Son judicieux mĂ©canisme de rotation permet de pivoter le siĂšge sur le cĂŽtĂ©, pour installer et sortir bĂ©bĂ© de la voiture sans effort (*Se monte sur la Base Z2, vendue sĂ©parĂ©ment).
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Cloud Z i-Size

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645 - 750 mm
440 mm
380 - 605 mm
4.8 kg

What is included?

Elements inclus

  • SiĂšge auto pour enfant Cloud Z2 i-Size
  • Insert nouveau-nĂ©
  • Guide utilisateur

Installation and Securing your child

Can I install a rear-facing seat on the front passenger seat?

Rear-facing car seats must only be installed on the passenger seat if the front airbag has been deactivated. Placing your child on a passenger seat with an activated airbag poses an enormous risk of injury, and we at CYBEX strictly advise against this. For other types of car seats check the user manuals of both your car seat and your vehicle to find out if you should deactivate the airbag. Statistics show that the safest place for a car seat is on the rear seat behind the front passenger seat. Side airbags do not put your child’s safety at risk. If you have no choice other than to use the front passenger seat, please ensure that the seat is pushed back as far as possible and that the airbag is deactivated.

How should the headrest be adjusted?

Only a headrest adjusted to the optimum height will give your child the best possible protection and comfort. The height can be adjusted to various positions. The headrest must be adjusted so there is no more than 2 cm between the child’s shoulders and the bottom of the headrest.

Can I use the car seat on laterally-facing vehicle seats?

It is not permitted to use the car seat on laterally-facing vehicle seats.

Can I also use this infant car seat on a vehicle seat without an i-Size certification?

Yes, this infant car seat can be used on certain vehicle seats without an i-Size certification. It is possible for the infant car seat to be installed on forward-facing car seats equipped with a 3-point automatic belt system in accordance with UN Standard R16. If your vehicle does not have an i-Size seating position, please check the vehicle typelist to find out whether installation with a 3-point belt is possible. Alternatively, check the car compatibility list on our website.

What should I bear in mind when installing the car seat in my vehicle?

Before purchasing the car seat it is important to check if it is approved to be used in your vehicle: ‱ Vehicle must have an i-Size seat that is compatible with an i-Size child car seat (we advise going to www.cybex-online.com and checking the ‘More info’ section on the product page to find out whether the car seat is compatible with your vehicle) ‱ Compatibility can also be checked with typelist that can be found attached to your car seat (please do not use any part of this car seat on its own or in combination with boosters, backrests or headrests from other manufacturers or from different CYBEX product lines) ‱ The car seat can be used only on vehicle seats which are equipped with an automatic 3-point vehicle belt ‱ For proper protection of your child, it is essential to use and install the car seat according to the instructions given in the User Guide (the User Guide can be found attached to the car seat, or it can be downloaded on www.cybex-online.com)

Can I install this infant car seat on the front passenger seat?

This infant car seat should only be installed on the passenger seat if the front airbag has been deactivated. Important: According to rules of the road such as the Highway Code in the UK, it is forbidden for your child to travel on a seat with an activated airbag. Placing your infant on a passenger seat with an activated airbag puts your child at risk of serious injury. If you have no choice other than to use the front passenger seat, please deactivate the airbag and ensure that the seat is pushed back as far as possible. As a rule we always recommend installing the car seat on the vehicle’s rear seat (if possible behind the passenger) as statistics show that this is the safest place in the car. In a head-on collision, a child will be protected by the larger crumple zone of the rear seat where front airbags do not put your child’s safety at risk.

Where should I install a car seat in my car?

The safest place for a car seat is in the rear seat behind the front passenger seat. It may be possible to install a CYBEX car seat on other seats in the vehicle. You can find this information in our vehicle Type List which is available either online or along with the product when it is purchased.

Can I use the car seat on rear-facing vehicle benches (e.g. in vans or minibuses)?

No. As you can only use this car seat rear-facing, it cannot be used on rear-facing vehicle benches. A rear-facing car seat on a rear-facing vehicle bench would be front-facing when installed.

When I install the car seat using the vehicle belt, my baby’s head nods forward onto his/her chest even though the seat appears to be positioned horizontally. How can I prevent this?

If your child’s head is nodding forwards while sat in the infant car seat belted with the vehicle belt, this may indicate that the infant car seat is not positioned at a horizontal level, even though the symbol on the seat seems to indicate that it is. One reason for this is that many vehicle seats have a relatively steep incline, especially in smaller vehicles. Therefore, when installing the infant car seat it is best to use the level of the road as a guide to the correct level of the car seat, rather than the angle of the vehicle seat. Another option is to install the car seat in a flatter recline position. If your baby’s head continues to nod forward even when the seat is aligned with the level of the road or you are using the base, then it is possible that the baby is not wearing suitable clothing. Please refer to the question: What kind of clothing should my child wear when seated in the car seat.

Can I use the Cloud Z2 i-Size with a Base Z?

No, the Cloud Z2 i-Size and the Base Z are not compatible.


Can my child sit in a forward-facing position in the car seat?

No, according to the UN Standard R129 children have to travel in a rear-facing position until they are at least 15 months old. This is because your infant’s spine and neck muscles have not yet developed sufficiently to cope with the heavy strain of a front collision. If the child is travelling in a rear-facing position, the forces of an impact are distributed evenly over the large area of the car seat shell. The strain on the neck, head, and chest is significantly reduced, reducing the risk of injury when compared to a forward-facing car seat. While the minimum requirement for rear-facing travel is up until the child is 15 months old, given the current state of child restraint technology we recommend keeping your child rear-facing for as long as possible. To this end, this seat is designed to only be used in a rear facing position.

Can I leave my child in the infant car seat outside the car, for example at home?

CYBEX infant car seats have been engineered to offer the best possible protection for a baby during a car ride without affecting the childÂŽs spine in a negative way. The Cloud Z i-Size and Cloud Z2 i-Size also allow a lie-flat position outside the car. However, for safety reasons we do not recommend leaving the baby sat in the infant car seat for long periods of time, whether inside or outside the car.

What kind of clothing should my child wear when seated in the car seat?

Thick clothing prevents the harness/vehicle belt or impact shield from lying tight against the body of the child. Only a correctly adjusted restraint system can offer maximum protection. For this reason, your child should wear everyday clothing. Thick clothing such as winter jackets and clothing with hoods (e.g. hoodies) as well as hats should be avoided where possible. Once your child has been positioned in the car seat, he/she can be covered with an extra blanket for warmth.

When will a child grow out of this infant car seat?

This infant car seat can be used from birth up until the child is approximately 24 months old (maximum body height 87 cm, maximum body weight 13 kg).

Do I need a newborn inlay for a car seat?

Yes, a newborn inlay is necessary to help very young and small babies lie in a safe and comfortable position in the car seat. These are specially designed to meet the anatomical requirements of newborn or very small babies. All CYBEX infant car seats include removable newborn inlays. Usually these can be removed when your child has reached a height of 61 cm, however always refer to the user guide provided with the product to ensure it is removed at the appropriate time.

How does the new recline position work?

In case the seat is used with a Base Z2, the new recline position is easily adjustable with only one hand, allowing for a more comfortable position for the child. For safety reasons this does not apply for a belted installation. In addition, the infant car seat can be adjusted to an almost lie-flat position outside the vehicle, e.g. as part of a travel system.

Can my child sleep in the car seat?

By using our Cloud Z2 i-Size car seat with a Base Z2, it can be adjusted to a flatter reclining position inside the car, which also allows the child to sleep in the vehicle. For safety reasons this does not apply for a belted installation. For further details on how to recline the car seat, please refer to the product User Guide.

Most commonly asked questions

How do I know when my child needs to change to the next car seat?

We generally advise against prematurely switching from an infant car seat (45-87 cm, max. 13 kg, from birth up to approx. 24 months) to the next seat. Even if your child’s feet protrude outside the infant car seat, or if your baby can already sit up, your child has not necessarily grown out of the seat. However, if your child's head is protruding above the top edge of the seat and your child already weighs over 13 kg, it is time to change the seat as it will no longer provide sufficient protection to the child’s vulnerable neck and head area.

Can I use this car seat on a flight?

No, this car seat is not approved for use on an airplane.

Can I also use the infant car seat without the base?

Yes, your infant car seat can be installed in a car without using a base: In this instance, the car seat is installed using the vehicle belt. This is useful when travelling in a taxi or a second car. However, we recommend using the infant car seat in conjunction with the base, for better safety and stability. If installing the infant car seat on the front passenger seat, it is important to ensure that the front airbag has been deactivated.

Is it ok to keep using a car seat after an accident?

We at CYBEX strongly recommend that you replace a car seat after any kind of accident. This is because tiny hairline cracks, which may not be visible to the naked eye, can appear in the plastic parts of a car seat after an accident. These cracks can pose an increased risk to safety.

My car seat is faulty, how can I get it repaired?

Please refer to the retailer where you bought your CYBEX car seat. They will deal with the matter on your behalf.

Where can I get replacement parts for my product?

You can order replacement parts from a specialist retailer near you. To find a store near you, simply go to the store locator on our website: https://cybex-online.com/en-en/retailer.

When should I remove the newborn inlay?

The newborn inlay has to be removed when your infant reaches a height of 61 cm (corresponding to approximately 3 months). This ensures that your growing baby has enough space in the car seat.

How do I correctly secure my child in the seat?

Please observe the instructions in the User Guide. Adjust the child car seat to the size of your child and make sure that he or she is properly strapped in to ensure maximum safety.

When I remove the base from the vehicle it emits a warning signal. How can I stop this noise?

When the load leg is adjusted the base will emit a warning signal indicating that it is not correctly installed. If you want to remove the base from the vehicle you need to follow the steps below: ‱ Push the load leg upwards to its uppermost position by pushing the adjustment button ‱ Fold the load leg back for storage within the base ‱ Stop the warning signal by pushing the load leg into the slot at the bottom of the base until the noise stops (this will also protect the battery) If the base is not to be used for a long period of time the battery should be removed to avoid potential damage caused by leaking fluids.

Can I wash the newborn inlay and car seat cover in the washing machine?

Yes, both are washable. We recommend using a delicate wash cycle and a maximum temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. Detailed instructions can be found in the User Guide.

Can I also use the infant car seat in a car without ISOFIX anchorage points?

When this infant car seat is used in conjunction with a base, it ca