Solution G i-Fix

Fotelik samochodowy Solution G i-Fix z podwy┼╝szeniem i wysokim oparciem zapewni dziecku najwy┼╝szy poziom komfortu ÔÇô natomiast najlepsze zabezpieczenia pozwol─ů mu zachowa─ç bezpiecze┼ästwo.
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zł 889,00
z VAT, produkt kwalifikuje się do bezpłatnej wysyłki
z VAT, produkt kwalifikuje się do bezpłatnej wysyłki
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Dlaczego warto wybra─ç CYBEX?

  • Najwi─Ökszy wyb├│r produkt├│w CYBEX
  • Bezp┼éatne zwroty w ci─ůgu 30 dni
  • Bezpieczne metody p┼éatno┼Ťci do wyboru
  • Obs┼éuga klienta przez ekspert├│w CYBEX


Odchylanie fotelika jedn─ů r─Ök─ů
Odchylanie fotelika jedn─ů r─Ök─ů
Najwy┼╝szy poziom relaksu w podr├│┼╝y. Model Solution G i-Fix to nasz pierwszy fotelik z podwy┼╝szeniem i wysokim oparciem, kt├│ry mo┼╝na regulowa─ç jedn─ů r─Ök─ů. Przekonasz si─Ö, jak ┼éatwo mo┼╝na ustawi─ç najlepsz─ů pozycj─Ö, kt├│ra zapewni spokojny sen.
Opatentowany odchylany zag┼éówek
Opatentowany odchylany zagłówek
Fotelik samochodowy zapewniaj─ůcy taki komfort praktycznie gwarantuje w┼éa┼Ťciwy sen. Opatentowany zag┼é├│wek, kt├│ry mo┼╝na odchyla─ç w 3 pozycjach, pomaga zapobiega─ç przechylaniu si─Ö g┼éowy drzemi─ůcego dziecka do przodu. Fotelik samochodowy chroni jego g┼éow─Ö i szyj─Ö podczas snu.
L.S.P. System Plus
L.S.P. System Plus
Ochrona przed uderzeniem bocznym System Plus jest w stanie odprowadzi─ç nawet 20% si┼éy uderzenia bocznego od dziecka*. Skorupa poch┼éaniaj─ůca energi─Ö nast─Öpnie neutralizuje t─Ö si┼é─Ö. * W por├│wnaniu z takim samym fotelikiem bez systemu L.S.P. System.

Czy ten fotelik jest kompatybilny z moim samochodem?

Ten fotelik samochodowy spełnia wymogi normy i-Size, dzięki czemu może być montowany na każdym fotelu pojazdu i-Size (sprawdź instrukcję obsługi samochodu). Czym jest i-Size?

Kompatybilno┼Ť─ç samochodu bez foteli i-Size mo┼╝na sprawdzi─ç w naszym specjalnym narz─Ödziu. Narz─Ödzie to nie wyszukuje samochod├│w z fotelami i-Size.

Kompatybilno┼Ť─ç z samochodem


405 mm
595 mm
590 - 810 mm
7.45 kg

What is included?


  • Fotelik samochodowy Solution G i-Fix
  • Przewodnik u┼╝ytkownika

Before purchase

Will this car seat fit in my vehicle?

It is important to check whether the car seat is compatible with your vehicle before you purchase it. The child car seat can be installed on any vehicle seat with the ISOFIX locking arms stored, by using a 3-point automatic belt. The installation with ISOFIX is not possible in all vehicles. Please check whether the installation is allowed on the typelist included with the car seat or on our homepage If your vehicle is not listed, please contact our Customer Service team.

Installation and Securing your child

How should the headrest be adjusted?

Only a headrest adjusted to the optimum height will give your child the best possible protection and comfort. The height can be adjusted to various positions. The headrest must be adjusted so there is no more than 2 cm between the childÔÇÖs shoulders and the bottom of the headrest.

Can I use the car seat on laterally-facing vehicle seats?

It is not permitted to use the car seat on laterally-facing vehicle seats.

Can I use the car seat on rear-facing vehicle benches (e.g. in vans or minibuses)?

Yes. You can use this car seat on rear-facing vehicle benches as long as the vehicle bench is approved for use by adults and has a 3-point vehicle belt. The headrest of the vehicle bench should not be removed when fitting on a rear-facing seat.

What should I bear in mind when installing the car seat in my vehicle?

Before purchasing the car seat it is important to check if it is approved to be used in your vehicle: ÔÇó We advise going to and checking the ÔÇśMore infoÔÇÖ section on the product page to find out whether the car seat is compatible with your vehicle ÔÇó Compatibility can also be checked with typelist that can be found attached to your car seat (please do not use any part of this car seat on its own or in combination with boosters, backrests or headrests from other manufacturers or from different CYBEX product lines) ÔÇó The car seat can be used only on vehicle seats which are equipped with an automatic 3-point vehicle belt. ÔÇó For proper protection of your child, it is essential to use and install the car seat according to the instructions given in the User Guide. The User Guide can be found attached to the car seat, or it can be downloaded on

The ISOFIX System is impossible or very difficult to release from the ISOFIX anchorage points in the vehicle. What can I do?

Sometimes the ISOFIX System may be difficult to release from the anchorage points. Please increase the distance between the car seat and the vehicle seat by releasing the ISOFIX using the adjustment buttons and pulling the car seat away from the vehicle seat. By following these steps, you will release any tension from the System which should help with the de-installation.

Where should I install a car seat in my car?

The safest place for a car seat is in the rear seat behind the front passenger seat. It may be possible to install a CYBEX car seat on other seats in the vehicle. You can find this information in our vehicle Type List which is available either online or along with the product when it is purchased.

Most commonly asked questions

Can I use this car seat on a flight?

No, this car seat is not approved for use on an airplane.

Is it normal that the car seatÔÇÖs backrest moves, and there is space between vehicle seat and car seat?

Yes, the backrest is adjustable. Therefore it can adapt perfectly to any vehicle seat. In the event of an accident, the backrest moves slightly forward with your child, and is therefore able to secure the whole body early on.

Is it ok to keep using a car seat after an accident?

We at CYBEX strongly recommend that you replace a car seat after any kind of accident. This is because tiny hairline cracks, which may not be visible to the naked eye, can appear in the plastic parts of a car seat after an accident. These cracks can pose an increased risk to safety.

My car seat is faulty, how can I get it repaired?

Please refer to the retailer where you bought your CYBEX car seat. They will deal with the matter on your behalf.

Where can I get replacement parts for my product?

You can order replacement parts from a specialist retailer near you. To find a store near you, simply go to the store locator on our website:

How do I correctly secure my child in the seat?

Please observe the instructions in the User Guide. Adjust the child car seat to the size of your child and make sure that he or she is properly strapped in to ensure maximum safety.

Is it okay to install this car seat on the passenger seat?

We generally recommend using the car seat on one of the back seats of the vehicle. Statistically, installing the car seat on the passenger seat poses a higher risk of injury for your child. However, in exceptional cases the car seat may be used on the passenger seat as well. Please note the following: if the car is equipped with an airbag, put the passenger seat as far back as possible. Please ensure that the upper belt point of the 3-point vehicle belt always stays behind the belt routing of the car seat, so that the belt runs backwards and not forwards. To find out whether a specific CYBEX car seat can be installed on the passenger seat, please check the type list included with the car seat. Alternatively, visit our homepage to find out this information.

How can I clean my car seat?

Car seats can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner or damp cloth. Sand or other dirt beneath the cover can also be removed in this way. To clean the plastic parts of the car seat wipe them with a cloth using a mild detergent and warm water. (Warning: Please do not use chemical detergents or bleaching agents under any circumstances.) Please note that a car seat should never be dismantled for cleaning. Please always refer to your car seatÔÇÖs user manual when carrying out care and maintenance on your car seat. Generally the seat covers are machine washable at a maximum temperature of 30╦ÜC on a delicate cycle. If you wash them at a higher temperature, the cover fabric might lose its color or shrink. Please wash the cover separately and never dry it by machine or in direct sunlight. (Warning: Only the cover of the car seat can be machine washed. The car seat itself is not machine washable.) Should you wish to clean a car seat more thoroughly than recommended above, you will have to have it cleaned professionally. Please ask the retailer who sold you the car seat to refer you to a professional service.

Is it possible to use a car seat with an ISOFIX System in a vehicle without ISOFIX anchorage points?

While this CYBEX car seat is equipped with an ISOFIX System, it can also be installed in vehicles without ISOFIX anchorage points. In this event the ISOFIX System can be stored in the booster at the base of the car seat. The child and the car seat can then both be secured using only the 3-point vehicle belt.

Safe Travel

Can I use the car seat even when the side airbag is activated?

Yes, the side airbag can remain activated when using the car seat.

Are both side-impact protectors (L.S.P.s) needed?

The Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P.) reduces the forces of a side-impact collision and thus also the risk of injury. Generally, we advise parents to install or fold out the L.S.P. on both sides of the car seat. However, if there is insufficient space for the L.S.P. nearest the middle of the vehicle, it is not absolutely essential. For safety reasons, please ensure that the L.S.P. nearest the door is always installed or folded out.

Do high-back booster seats perform better than booster seats?

When compared to booster seats, high-back booster seats considerably reduce the risk of injury. ÔÇó Booster seats do not provide proper protection from side-impacts ÔÇó A high-back booster seat is equipped with side protection which protects the child from injury in the case of a side-impact collision ÔÇó High-back booster seats include a shoulder belt routing which can be adjusted to the height of the child, further improving their travelling safety

What's the difference between UN R44 and UN R129?

To simplify the process of choosing the right car seat, regulations and norms have been implemented to guarantee general safety standards worldwide: ÔÇó In most parts of the world including Europe, the UN R44/04 and UN R129 testing standards are in effect. R44 classifies child restraints (car seats) according to the weight of the child. However, children grow in different ways. For example, a child might be within the weight range of an R44 seat but their head may already be reaching above the top of the seat. ÔÇó R129 child restraints are classified according to the height of the child, and also specify a weight limit. This is intended to give parents more confidence that a child restraint will fit a child during a specific growth period. ÔÇó The aim of R129 is to make child restraints easier to install, to incorporate side impact testing to provide better protection from side crashes and to keep children in a rear-facing position up until they are at least 15 months old. ÔÇó It also aims to make child restraints more compatible with vehicle seats.

When does a car seat expire?

As soon as a car seat is installed in a vehicle, it may be exposed to high temperatures and high levels of light intensity. As a result, even high-quality and extremely age-resistant plastics such as those used by CYBEX can display certain age-related alterations. To ensure the safety of your child, we strongly recommend that the seats are not used for longer than the prescribed usage periods. A car seat will be designed to keep your child safe for a specific period in their development, for example from birth to approximately 4 years old for a Sirona Series seat. Sometimes they can be used for longer, for example our products for babies and toddlers can also be used for a sibling. To find out the approximate lifespan of your CYBEX car seat, refer to the user manual or contact our Customer Service.


What kind of clothing should my child wear when seated in the car seat?

Thick clothing prevents the harness/vehicle belt or impact shield from lying tight against the body of the child. Only a correctly adjusted restraint system can offer maximum protection. For this reason, your child should wear everyday clothing. Thick clothing such as winter jackets and clothing with hoods (e.g. hoodies) as well as hats should be avoided where possible. Once your child has been positioned in the car seat, he/she can be covered with an extra blanket for warmth.


What are the two main positions for the reclining headrest?

The patented reclining headrest is a passive safety feature from CYBEX: ÔÇó child is awake: the recline angle of the headrest can be set to the upright position. ÔÇó child is asleep: the angle of the headrest can be set to the reclined position which prevents the childÔÇÖs head from tipping forward into a vulnerable position while sleeping.

How does the sleeping position work?

The sleeping position is easily adjustable with only one hand, allowing for a more comfortable position for the child. To recline the car seat it is not necessary to open the car belt system or to take the child out of the seat. The relevant lever is conveniently located on the front side of the seat. If the child falls asleep or is about to when they are already in the car seat, just pull the handle and the seat slides down automatically.

How do I install the cup holder?

You can easily install the cup holder by sliding it into one of two slots in the car seat shell, positioned on the side of each armrest. The positions of the slots are indicated by cup holder symbols.