Zeno Bike

Ta en aktiv timeout från din dagliga rutin och ta med din lilla sidekick på åkturen. Rulla in till stan, upptäck nya rutter eller lek  reseledare för dagen. Med Zeno Bike kan ditt barn utforska staden och naturen på ett säkert och roligt sätt.
Färg: Maliblue
kr 7.899,00
inkl. VAT, produkten kvalificerar sig för kostnadsfri frakt
inkl. VAT, produkten kvalificerar sig för kostnadsfri frakt
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Varför välja CYBEX?

  • Största urvalet av CYBEX-produkter
  • Gratis 30 dagars retur
  • Säkra betalningsmetoder som du väljer
  • Kundsupport av CYBEX-experter


2-i-1: Vagn till Barnvagn
2-i-1: Vagn till Barnvagn
En produkt. Två aktiviteter. Inga gränser. Cykla längs gatorna eller strosa runt i stan. Utforska din stad med den bästa co-piloten du kan önska dig.
Förvaring för sportutrustning ombord
Förvaring för sportutrustning ombord
Maximal flexibilitet att cykla eller promenera när du vill. Redan från början. Inbyggd förvaring av cykeldragstången och svängbara hjul gör det snabbt och enkelt att växla mellan släpvagns- och barnvagnslägen.
Kompakt ihopfällning på bara några sekunder
Kompakt ihopfällning på bara några sekunder
Ta med din vagn på alla dina äventyr. Lägg den hopfällda cykelvagnen i bilens bagageutrymme och kör till din favoritcykelplats. Den kompakta vikningen gör hemförvaring lika enkel.


Dimensioner – Öppen

1050 mm
725 mm
1010 mm
13 kg
Dimensioner – Öppen

Dimensioner – Hopvikt

995 mm
580 mm
355 mm
13 kg
Dimensioner – Hopvikt

What is included?

Vad ingår?

  • Zeno cykelram
  • Zeno Bike Cabin (mjukvaror)
  • Bakhjul
  • Fram-svänghjul
  • Cykeldragstång (inklusive Cykelfäste)
  • Bricka
  • Säkerhetsflagga
  • Säkerhetslampa
  • Bruksanvisning

Do I need any tools to switch between the different sporting activities?

The Multisport Adapter Point allows for a speedy and secure transition between the different sporting modes — getting you out on the road quickly and safely. This means you do not require any additional tools when you want to switch from running to cycling or to cross-country skiing. The unique adjustable cabin height of ZENO lets you lower the cabin center of gravity to get the best performance and safety out of all towing modes. This can be done in seconds with a simple kick, with no need for additional tools. The Multisport Adapter Point is designed to only allow the attachment of the different drawbars for the Towing Modes when the ZENO is in the lower cabin position. Therefore an easy, safe and quick transition between the different activities is guaranteed.

What activities can I do with the ZENO Bike?

The ZENO Bike is designed for dual use as a bike trailer and as a regular stroller, to be pushed at walking pace. The cycling drawbar and front swivel wheels are all stored onboard, and can be easily installed with no tools required. Therefore it’s fast and simple to switch between the two activities, allowing you to park your bike and continue your journey on foot whenever you want. So the ZENO Bike is perfect for a range of different adventures, from quick trips into town, playing tour guide around your neighborhood or taking your child on a longer journey.

What is the age and weight limit for children?

The ZENO Bike is generally suitable for kids from 6 months old up until they weigh approximately 22 kg or exceed a height of 111 cm. However, if you want to take your child cycling they must be old enough to wear a helmet. They must also be able to sit upright unassisted. Consult a pediatrician prior to using the ZENO Bike as a bike trailer if your child is less than one year old.

Is the handlebar adjustable?

The ZENO Bike handlebar has several positions, so you can easily set it to the right height for comfortable strolling. For safety reasons, the handelbar must be folded forward when the ZENO Bike is being used as a bicycle trailer.

What is the maximum weight I can transport in the ZENO Bike?

The ZENO Bike is suitable for children up to a maximum weight of 22 kg. The maximum load capacity for the ZENO Bike is 34 kg.

Can I use the ZENO Bike with an e-Bike?

The ZENO Bike must never be used with motorized vehicles, with the exception of pedelecs (Pedal Electric Cycle) that do not exceed speeds of 25 km/h / 15 mph. There may be local laws restricting the use of bicycle trailers with pedelecs, depending on your home state or country. Please always obey all local legal requirements. Never exceed 25 km/h / 15 mph when towing the ZENO Bike.

Is the use of the safety flag mandatory?

Using a safety flag is mandatory when using the ZENO Bike as a bike trailer. This gives you extra visibility on the road.

Does the ZENO fit to any bike when I want to go on a ride?

Bicycles come in all shapes and sizes. First of all you need to find out what type of axle is on the rear wheel of your bicycle. Then you can find out how to attach the CYBEX Cycling Hitch to the axle. If your bicycle has a 5 mm quick release axle, you should be able to attach ZENO to your bicycle. If your bicycle uses a Thru Axle, you will need to replace this with a compatible Thru Axle from CYBEX. You should first find out your existing Thru Axle’s exact length, diameter, shape and thread pitch. You can then contact us to choose from one of the Thru Axles we have available. You can download the CYBEX Thru Axle Measurement Guide here. For further guidance please check the Hitch Compatibility Guide in the Download section of the CYBEX Online Shop. If there is no compatible solution available for you, please consult a professional bicycle mechanic for the appropriate parts and assistance.

Is it easy to store and transport the ZENO Bike?

Yes, the ZENO Bike can be quickly and easily folded into a compact package. For an even more compact folded size, the wheels can be removed with no tools required. Therefore it’s easy to store the ZENO Bike at home or transport it to your favorite cycling route, even if it’s out of town.

I would like to order a ZENO Bike. What will I receive with my delivery?

You will receive the following: • The frame (black) • Cabin fabrics (your choice of color) • Front and rear wheels • Cycling drawbar • Safety flag • Safety rear light. A Rain Cover is also available to buy as an extra accessory.